Staging is the art of making your home look inviting and improve the functionality of the home. We break this procedure down into the following steps:

  • Rearranging
  • Color Coordinating
  • Accessorizing

Using our systematic approach, you are assured of the best results with your budget, and the best return on investment. Here are the 4 steps in greater detail:

Rearranging – The trained eye of a stager, or designer, can help you rearrange the furniture in your house (to clearly define room features) and remove what is not needed. A fresh set of eyes will look at your home in a new way, and then together with your input decide out what needs to be done.

Color Coordinating – New paint and colour in the home will give it a fresh new look and feel. It is amazing how professional painting can make such a dramatic impression.  Chipped and faded wall colors, and other marks of age, can distract from what a home should really look like. With old wall paper and new colours applied, the home will have a beautiful new look.

Staging and accessorizing – New colours and interesting accessories can really enhance a home’s appearance. New bed comforters and pillows, updated light fixtures, modern coffee tables, throw rugs and tasteful wall art help to add focus to the surrounding furniture.

RENOmagic can duplicate the methods that home improvement shows on television use to help transform your home into a beautiful place to live in.