Odours are a huge turn off in the home. Whether it’s cigarette smoke, ethnic cooking odours, pet smells, musty basements, or mold and mildew odours, they all need to be dealt with.

Some people paint their home thinking that this is all that is needed to remove unwanted odours – including offending smoking smells. In reality, what is first required, is cleaning and deodorizing, or the odour will only be masked for a while – not completely removed.

RENOmagic has the experience on how to remove all unwanted odours. We have a variety of specialized products and methods for any odour removal. Our main method of deodorizing, is by way of our specialized Ozone Process. It generates activated oxygen from the air that we breathe. It’s Mother Nature’s own natural deodorizer and purifier, used to purify ozonate bottled water, just look at any lable.

We adapted this process for deodorizing, and we can deodorize a house in 24 hours. Our large unit quickly fills the house with ozone and it penetrates the carpet, furniture, walls, drapes, and air ducts to eliminate odours, leaving it smelling spring time fresh. The organic odours will disappear.

Our special process can eliminate the most persistent pet odour problems as well.  A clean, fresh smelling house is great to live in, and helps you breathe easier.

Feline ‘territory marking’ problems, and outdoor smells imported by the family dog will vanish with our services. Even If the pet problem creates severe stained wood floors, or carpets requiring removal, our team members will remove and replace the affected sub-floor sections, deodorize and seal the area.