The Prep’n Sell / RENOmagic franchisee home improvement market is extensive. Housing prices continue to rise hitting record levels. People still believe that owning a home is one of the most solid investments one can have. To realize profits from the sale of the home, owners know that home improvements add value.

HGTV through their shows like Love It or List It, The Property Brothers, Holmes on Homes, Flip this House etc. inspire homeowners to renovate and realize a return on investment when their home is repaired and improved. The homes that are renovated and/or improved usually sell for more. The average renovation in 2016 was $13,017.00 and with 14 to 16% of Canadian families moving each and every year, this give franchisees a consistent job market to grow their business.

The number of real estate agents reached 108,706 during the first quarter of the 2016, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association. That’s one realtor for every 245 Canadians over the age of 19. Real Estate agents and then clients are our target market for franchisees.



Our business targets anyone who looking to sell a house or condo, has just bought, is looking to renovate, or upgrade their home. After many years in this industry, we know what brings value in a home renovation. By networking with Real Estate Agents, Lawyers, Home Inspectors, and Designers, we generate a lot of work and keep our trade’s people busy.

Homeowners are often very frightened of the horror stories that they hear about home renovations, and with our expertise and customer satisfaction guarantee, we provide the invaluable peace of mind.

Our Services:

  • House and Carpet Cleaning
  • Smoke, Cooking and Pet Odour removal
  • De-cluttering, Packing, Junk Removal, Clean-up
  • Handyman repairs,
  • Painting and Plastering
  • Landscape Clean up and Grooming
  • Estate Makeovers
  • Kitchen, Bathroom and Basement Renovations,
  • Flooring Replacement and Re-finishing
  • Staging and Interior Design

An added PLUS is that every homeowner can use some or all of our services at any time. Our onsite services range from a few hundred dollars for a “Handyman for a day” to $100,000+ for renovation projects. Generally, we look for opportunities where we can be ‘in and out’ within 2 months or less.

This is a unique niche market serviced by a distinctive, professional, and proven brand with testimonials of satisfied agents and clients to back it up.

Our real estate agents often need to quickly prepare and stage a house for sale. It can be a real hassle. They need real solutions quickly. Our success is driven by our real estate agents’ success. Homes sell best when they are in a good state of repair and look good. Often, they are neither. We are the problem solvers.

Now, Realtors could, and some do, contract the trades and the stagers on their own, but it’s time consuming and requires a different skill set than strictly servicing clients. Using us lets them focus specifically on customer service. Our “Hassle Free” one call makes us different.

An added Plus, is that some families love their current neighborhoods and want to stay in their home. Often, they just need more room, or a different approach to how they want to live in their home. RENOmagic brings those dreams alive. Whether selling or staying, Prep’n Sell and RENOmagic have the answers.



We are looking for sales oriented, driven individuals whose objective is to grow a successful business. If you are passionate, responsive, determined, energetic, and interested in new challenges, you will do well. If you have selling skills and have a strong interest in home repairs, renovations, staging and light construction, we would like to talk to you as soon as you are ready to learn more.

Our franchise opportunities allow you to:

  • Be your own boss
  • A low cost investment
  • Create your own schedule
  • Work from home
  • Have a flexible life style
  • Have a family business
  • Enjoy what you do
  • Make a great income
  • Build a solid future

The Prep’n Sell / RENOmagic franchise is an excellent business for men as well as women. Our home based business offers a lifestyle flexible for people with children and a family, and it provides an opportunity for franchisees to use all their decorating flair.

Our franchisee’s promote the business in their market, estimate the work to be done with the client, select the right trade for the job from their approved list, project manage the work and develop many happy clients and repeat agents who love the “One Call Does It All” services.

Wherever you are in our network, other franchisee’s and corporate office are looking at new markets, better sales techniques, more profitable ways of doing things and how to be better. You are not on your own.

There is strength in numbers! The bigger we grow, the better we get as we network together to strengthen our brand and generate new ideas, products and services to help grow our businesses.

EXCELLENT Franchise Opportunities Still Exist in Markets Across CANADA!

The Financials of a Prep’n Sell / RENOmagic Franchise

Franchise Fee $30,000.00

Turn Key Package $5,385.00

Total Price $35,385.00

Royalty 7%

This low cost franchise offers you the availability starting a business you are passionate about with professional branding you will be proud of. You can make a profit in your first month.

We believe in offering value and customer service. It starts with you!



When you are awarded a Prep’n Sell / RENOmagic franchise, you become part of the team. You now have a say in what we do and how to do it. There is no glass ceiling that stops you from growing.

You receive the Operation Manual and a Start up guide to walk you through what you need to prepare for the training course.

The Initial 1 to 2 weeks training at our Corporate facility covers everything like;



When you are awarded a Prep’n Sell / RENOmagic franchise, you become part of the team. You now have a say in what we do and how to do it. There is no glass ceiling that stops you from growing.

You receive the Operation Manual and a Start up guide to walk you through what you need to prepare for the training course.

The Initial 1 week training at our Corporate facility covers everything like;

  • our brand truth and what we stand for,
  • the marketing plan to follow,
  • what’s important to keep focused on, your home office,
  • understanding all our services and the importance of them,
  • how you establish yours,
  • pricing, quoting and closing the sale,
  • the importance of customer communication,
  • project managing the work being done,
  • believing in the Satisfaction Guaranteed Policy,
  • our software system,
  • accounting and office procedures,
  • how to approach the real estate agents, their clients, home inspectors, lawyers,
  • how to deal with our suppliers,
  • finding and dealing with the trades and much more.
  • goal setting, targets to meet and a detailed road map of how to get there.

When you graduate, we will stay connected with you, on the phone, providing quoting assistance on Google Drive and much more.

Further support you will receive:

  • State of the art website with your own microsite
  • Great social media presence
  • Webinars for all areas
  • Proven, effective marketing support
  • Complete technical support
  • Promotional / Sales material
  • Customer service coaching
  • Pricing a profitable job
  • Developing realtor relationships
  • Eblasts to Real Estate agents in your area
  • Virtual reality design program
  • Research and Improvement committee

Just think of us as your sales coach and partner, someone to motivate and inspire you, communicate with you when you need help or have ideas. We understand and will help you grow your business. Our years of experience, the proven systems we have developed and the franchise committees we implement, will propel us to be a franchise organization you will be proud to be a member of!



Our Prep’n Sell / RENOmagic Trade School helps train and develop our trades people. It also allows us to set benchmarks for the level of expertise needed in other markets across the country. We teach trades people to work with our professional approach, and help them improve their skills so they can be better contract partners.

Our trades people provide all their own tools, an unmarked vehicle, and wear our branded shirts while on site. They learn from us how to provide a higher level of service. Franchisees also soon learn how to communicate what is needed on every job.

The Prep’n Sell Trade School offers;

  • Webinars on procedures
  • A detailed list of procedures how to do the work
  • All the forms to allow you to smoothly flow the work
  • New time saving ways to do the work with the same quality of workmanship
  • Trades love the support and professional direction
  • Effective pricing of work and profit margins to hit
  • Setting up suppliers in your area & knowing what to pay

We realize that our trades are vitally important to our success and the reason for the Prep’n Sell Trade School.

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